Furniture that fuels the mind

When it comes to learning, a desk is more than just a place to sit. A school’s furnishings have a direct impact on student concentration and collaboration. That is why our products are built to enhance the learning experience by keeping students and teachers organized, and allow for reconfiguration as your classroom environment evolves. 

How Amcase impacts education



No two academic years are the same. As your school grows or your classroom sizes fluctuate, our products are reconfigurable to adapt with you.


Educational facilities often only have a short window to complete renovation projects, leading to tight timelines. Our flexible manufacturing ensures installation will be on schedule.


With over 10,000 standard products made at our in-house manufacturing facility, you will be sure to find the style and the functionality that you, your students, and your staff need.

Design your space
for success

From grade school to grad school, we offer a range of options:

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